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Uruguay Highlights (Volume III 2012)

Latin American Region Environmental Report, Volume III, 2012 

Uruguayan Producer Responsibility Plan Implements 2004 Packaging Law

On September 11, 2012, Uruguay’s Ministry of Housing, Zoning and Environment (Ministerio de Vivienda, Ordenamiento Territorial y Medio Ambiente) and Chamber of Industries (Cámara de Industrias), along with two other agencies, signed an agreement adopting the "Montevideo Management Plan for Recovery of Non-Returnable Packaging Wastes" (Plan de Gestión de Montevideo para la Recuperación de Residuos de Envases no Retornables; the "Plan"). The Plan enables Uruguay’s consumer product sector to comply with the the 2004 Law of Packages (Ley de Envases; Law No. 17849), the first national law in Latin America to expressly require all companies that use packaging to have a management plan for post-consumer packaging. Under the Plan, on behalf of over 1500 participating companies, the Chamber of Industries will establish a collection infrastructure for used packaging and construct and operate four recycling plants for an initial period of two years, subject to renewal. The Plan anticipates modest success in its first year: 10% public participation and 60% effective coverage of Montevideo—Uruguay’s capital city and major metropolitan center, home to approximately 40% of the national population.

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