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Supreme Court Puts Its “Takings Law” Foot Down

Back on March 6, this correspondent reported on the twin takings cases of Horne v. Department of Agriculture about the raisin-growing couple Marvin and Laura Horne of California and their struggles against the U.S. government. Read More ›

California Raisins Ripening (Again) in the Supreme Court’s Sun

Takings law is complicated enough but leave it to the frequently reversed U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit to twist it out of shape so much as to dare the Supreme Court to reverse it not just once but twice in the same case.  Guess what?  The Supreme Court recently announced it’s happy to oblige by picking up the 9th Circuit’s dare in a lawsuit pitting the U.S. Agriculture Department against a couple raising raisins. Read More ›

Supreme Court Backs Landowner in Major Takings Case

The Supreme Court yesterday expanded private property rights in a major takings case that arose from the Florida state courts. The Court held in Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District that not only does the Constitution’s Takings Clause apply to situations where a project is approved with “extortionate” conditions but it also applies where a project is denied because the owner refuses to accede to coercive property demands of the government. Read More ›