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Interior Secretary Immediately Implements President’s Executive Order on Energy and Climate

New Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke wasted no time implementing the mandates of the Trump Administration’s most recent Executive Order (EO), “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth,” which was issued on March 28.  For a summary of that EO, click here.  On March 29, the Secretary issued two Secretarial Orders (SO) implementing the March 28 Order, and took additional administrative action consistent with its mandates.  Separately, the Secretary has reinstated a public-private advisory committee to address royalty issues. Read More ›

Jury Awards Nearly $3 Million in First U.S. Toxic Tort Verdict Related to Fracking

Although the torrent of toxic tort litigation related to hydraulic fracturing that many predicted has not materialized, the first jury award for toxic tort claims relating to hydraulic fracturing operations has now been handed down. A Dallas jury found that Defendant Aruba Petroleum, Inc. intentionally interfered with homeowners’ use of their property in Fort Worth by drilling natural gas wells on neighboring property, causing personal injury and property damage. See Parr v. Aruba Petroleum, Inc., No. CC-11-01650-E (Dallas Co. Ct. at Law, jury verdict June 19, 2014).  Read More ›

EPA Proposes Changes to Storage Tank Provisions of 2012 NSPS for Oil & Natural Gas Sector

On April 12, 2013, in response to a number of industry petitions for reconsideration, EPA proposed amendments to NSPS Subpart OOOO requirements for storage vessels. 78 Fed. Reg. 22,125 (Apr. 12, 2013). The amendments provide additional time for some vessels to install controls, temporarily suspend certain monitoring requirements, provide an alternative compliance option, and make other changes to definitions, testing, and reporting requirements. The Agency will accept comments until May 13, 2013. Read More ›

Colorado Court Rejects Anticipatory Claims to Enjoin Fracking

Further limiting plaintiffs’ ability to assert potential claims related to hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” a Colorado trial court granted a motion to dismiss plaintiffs’ claim that was, in essence, an “anticipatory nuisance” claim. Evenson v. Antero Resources, Case No. 2011 CV 5118 (Colo. Dist. Ct., Aug. 17, 2012). Plaintiffs’ claims were a second unsuccessful attempt to enjoin fracking activities near their properties. Read More ›